Gold Medal at MTE 2016- Solar Thermal Drying Technology for Marine Products by Renewable Energy Research Centre (RERC)
 Gold Medal at ITEX 2016- High Speed & High Precision Optical Dicing Machine
 Gold Medal at ITEX 2016- Standard Gantang Model Based On Metric System For Zakat Payment In Malaysia (NMIM)
 Gold Medal at ITEX 2016- Green NGV Save (SDC)
 Gold Medal at ITEX 2016- Underground Heat Storage System Using Borehole Heat Exchanger (RERC)



Silver Medal at ITEX 2016- New Formulation For An Innovative Composite Drain Grating (AMREC)



 Bronze Medal at MTE 2016 - Green NGV Save by Intelligence System & RFID Section (ISRS)
Bronze Medal at MTE 2016 -  Optical Planar Waveguide Dicing Machine by Machinery Technology Centre (MTC)
Bronze Medal at MTE 2016 -  Dermatocide Botanical Antifungal Cream by Industrial Biotechnology Research Centre (IBRC)
 Bronze Medal at MTE 2016 - Application of Metal Injection Molding Technique for producing of Open Pore Copper Foam by Advanced Materials Research Centre (AMREC)
 Bronze Medal at ITEX 2016 - Energy From Waste Heat-FES12 Thermoelectric Material For Automotive Applications  
 Bronze Medal at ITEX 2016 - Novel Supercapacitor Cell Using Synthesized Graphene Metal Oxide and Activated Carbon Derived from Local Mangrovefrom Local Mangrove                                                                  
 Bronze Medal at ITEX 2016 - Nanocyrstalline Cellulose From Waste Filter Paper



Third place in Best Booth Design