As world markets become more competitive, consumers will inevitably become more discerning. Standards and quality are thus major considerations in strategic business development in both the private and public sectors.

SIRIM's standards and quality solutions can be tailored to the needs of every businesses across all major industries. With our world-class facilities and expertise, we can help your business adopt internationally recognized industrial standards in order to elevate yourself away from the competition. Our capabilities extend to all fields including electronics and mechanics, radio communications, fire protection, electromagnetic compatibility, chemicals and civil engineering.

SIRIM also provides a comprehensive and diverse range of calibration and measurement services, as well as services in packaging design and security design services.

Our calibration and measurement  services is the largest calibration facility in Malaysia and provides the widest accredited scope of calibration services in the fields of Electrical, Temperature, Volumetric, Dimensional, Force, Pressure & Vacuum, Torque and Mass.