SIRIM's solutions can be tailored to the needs of every businesses across all major industries. With our world-class facilities and expertise, we can help your business adopt internationally recognised industrial standards in order to elevate yourself away from the competition. We also have the necessary tools and skills to develop new standards to support product innovation across all major industries. Our capabilities extend to all fields including electronics and mechanics, radio communications, fire protection, electromagnetic compatibility, chemicals and civil engineering.




Because technical regulations and product standards vary from country to country, the World Trade Organisation (WTO) established the Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) to ensure that these regulations and procedures do not create unnecessary obstacles to world trade. SIRIM is the main inquiry point for WTO/TBT inquiries in Malaysia and we can provide you with the technical assistance and advice your business needs to overcome these technical barriers.  Read More


As the national standards development agency, SIRIM is tasked with overseeing the National Standards Infrastructure on behalf of the Department of Standards Malaysia. Newly published Malaysian Standards (MS) are available for purchase through the MS Online system or at our head office. We are also a distributor for major foreign and international standards.

SIRIM is also tasked with managing the country's participation in international standards development activities, thus protecting the nation's interests in world trade and commerce.


Training on Standards Research and Consulting



Over the years, we have developed thousands of standards to support the country's industrial development both locally and abroad. We also protect consumers and society by benchmarking product specifications against acceptable standards and ensuring that they comply to industry regulations.

By leveraging our capabilities and technical expertise, you can be assured that your product specifications are equivalent to the acceptable standards that global markets require.

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